Custom Fields

Custom Fields

Custom Fields allow you to add additional fields to modules that support custom fields. To add custom fields click on the Custom Fields menu.


The following types are supported:

  • Textfield: Use this for a simple 1 line text field
  • Select: Use this for dropdowns
  • Number: use this to restrict input to numbers only
  • Date: Use this to restrict input to date which will have a date picker
  • Textarea: Use this field for multiline input
  • Checkboxes: Use this field if you want checkboxes
  • Radio: Use this field if you want radio buttons
  • Select Table: Use this field if you want a dropdown that uses an existing database table


Here you can put validation rules. To see the list of rules you can check laravel documentation.


If you want to set the field as required then set required to yes.


You can add your custom css classes here.


This is where you choose the page where you want the field to show up on.